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Back-to-Basics 3-Step Set

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Product Description

THE PERFECT, SIMPLE SYSTEM FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Time to clear the clutter. All you need for radiant skin is in these 3 steps. How does it work? By maintaining the natural balance of your skin as it's cleansed and moisturized in a way customized for your skin type. Try it for 3 weeks, you will see a difference: clearer, smoother, healthier skin! Good for all skin types and for any season. Our rice-infused, non-irritating gentle cleanser will remove makeup and leave you skin refreshed and not stripped, ready to receive further care. Next: The special combination of our skin quenching oil-free toner with hyaluronic acid + anti-aging moisturizer with sweet fermented black tea will keep your skin perfectly in balance! Dry/Dehydrated areas: Use the toner + moisturizer liberally to seal in hydration. Oily areas: Use toner liberally, but use less moisturizer. See directions for details.


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